Gearbox Loot's accessories are great options for adding your favorite game's apparel to any outfit. Products include in-universe Borderlands caps, custom bags, and more.
Hello Travelers! Inspired by our first exclusive collection, this large travel bag is the perfect accessory to take your loot on all of your travels. This bag features a pixel art rendition of Oppo...
Borderlands Opportunity Luggage Tag by GEARBOX LOOT
Never miss out on an Opportunity by bringing this Borderlands Luggage Tag on all of your travels. An exclusive item from our Hello Travelers collection featuring a pixel art rendition of Hyperion's...
Let Claptrap be your guide through the worlds of Gearbox in this exclusive Hello Travelers! postcard set! Things are about to get awesome.
Our All Out of Bubble Gum Neck Tie features classic icons from the Duke Nukem series: the nuke symbol, Duke's hairdo, pistol, sunglasses, cigar and of course, bubblegum. Don't miss out on this excl...
Even Duke Nukem needs a touch-up when he's blasting through alien invaders. Perfect for carrying a travel comb or pair of sunglasses. Pick up a Duke Nukem Toiletries Kit to always be looking as goo...
Maliwan presents our branded caps. If it's not elemental, it's not Maliwan.
Ekkunar, the last large green planet in the universe, now has a snapback.
Torgue has developed and designed a durable duffel bag for all your needs. Torgue doesn't screw around making lightweight bags; we make them tough. Do it with a Torgue.
Where form meets function; Maliwan presents a lightweight and durable duffel bag for all your needs
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