Gearbox Loot's accessories are great options for adding your favorite game's apparel to any outfit. Products include in-universe Borderlands caps, custom bags, and more.
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Jot down your deepest, darkest secrets (or, like, your grocery list) in this totally rad Butt Stallion journal. Inspired by the unabashedly colorful stationery of your youth, this journal is perfec...
On one side, this bucket hat bring the classic Borderland's cel-shaded art style to your wardrobe. Flip it over, and you have a 90's inspired design of Vault symbols and Claptrap units. Pick up t...
Borderlands Hyperion PS4 Controller by GEARBOX LOOT
Inspired by Hyperion's older design language, this custom PS4 controller showcases a grittier take on the Hyperion brand.
Adorned with geometric 90’s-inspired designs and 8-bit Claptrap units, these Borderlands slip-on shoes are a fun and colorful footwear option for the minion who’s “hip” and “with-it”.
Maliwan presents our branded caps. If it's not elemental, it's not Maliwan.
Ekkunar, the last large green planet in the universe, now has a snapback.
Kharak, home of the Hiigarans, is now featured on this premiere Homeworld hat.
Ready for some new toys? Knock 'em dead by rocking this Gaige Skull Slouchy Beanie.
Gaige Skull Red and Black Scarf by GEARBOX LOOT
What's black, white, and red all over? This awesome Gaige Skull Scarf of course. Pick one up to stay warm this holiday season.
Hyperion. Need we say more? Bring out your inner Claptrap aesthetic with this Hyperion Yellow and Black Scarf.
Vladof Red and Black Beanie by GEARBOX LOOT
If you're looking for winter apparel, now is the time to strike! Pick up this Vladof Red and Black Beanie today.
Zer0 Black and Gray Ombre Slouch Beanie by GEARBOX LOOT
It may not be a hologram, but it's the next best thing! Don't miss out on Zer0 Black and Gray Ombre Slouch Beanie.
The only thing that can make your handsome mug better is....this handsome mug! Featuring the iconic Vault symbol, this campfire mug is a must-have. Note: Black and blue options are currently out o...
Black Vault Symbol Tumbler - Medium by GEARBOX LOOT
Sporting the iconic Vault symbol in a sleek metal finish, this medium sized tumbler is a great accessory for a Borderlands fan.
Our Future is Your Future Handsome Jack Tumbler - Large by GEARBOX LOOT
Our future is your future. And ours includes this amazing large tumbler by Handsome Jack. No need to be scared of the future when you know it's gonna be amazing.
Finding yourself with a little too much loot on your hands? Carry it all in the new Hyperion Duffel Bag. This duffel sports the classic Hyperion look, so you’ll be On Brand no matter where you go!
Where form meets function; Maliwan presents a lightweight and durable duffel bag for all your needs
Torgue has developed and designed a durable duffel bag for all your needs. Torgue doesn't screw around making lightweight bags; we make them tough. Do it with a Torgue.
Even Duke Nukem needs a touch-up when he's blasting through alien invaders. Perfect for carrying a travel comb or pair of sunglasses. Pick up a Duke Nukem Toiletries Kit to always be looking as goo...
Starting to get chilly as winter rolls around? Look no further than this Hyperion Black Fleece Blanket. Guaranteed to keep you warmer than the barrel of a Morning Star.
You wanna hear about LOOT?! Mr. Torgue knows how much you like loot, so he’s created a special bundle for our Holiday Gift Guide. This Borderlands Torgue Scarf and Beanie combo bundle is sure keep ...
Wrap up your holiday gifts with our Borderlands wrapping paper! Featuring Vault Hunters and friends as they traipse across the Windshear Wastes, this exclusive gift wrap is part of our Badass Gift ...
Sending a gift to far-off friends or family? Adorned with spaceships and galaxy, this Homeworld wrapping paper is perfect for your more “out-there” gifts this holiday season. Pick it up now as part...
Holidays are time for loved ones, inlcudin' ya main squeeze. Pick up one of Tiny Tina's Main Squeeze Beanies as part of our Badass Gift Guide. Includes a squishy squishy puffball on top!
Hello Travelers! Inspired by our first exclusive collection, this large travel bag is the perfect accessory to take your loot on all of your travels. This bag features a pixel art rendition of Oppo...
This Gaige Skull Sherpa Blanket is a great to bundle up with and play some Bunkers and Badasses with friends and family....and robots!
Never miss out on an Opportunity by bringing this Borderlands Luggage Tag on all of your travels. An exclusive item from our Hello Travelers collection featuring a pixel art rendition of Hyperion's...
Let Claptrap be your guide through the worlds of Gearbox in this exclusive Hello Travelers! postcard set! Things are about to get awesome.
Our All Out of Bubble Gum Neck Tie features classic icons from the Duke Nukem series: the nuke symbol, Duke's hairdo, pistol, sunglasses, cigar and of course, bubblegum. Don't miss out on this excl...
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