Maliwan Duffle

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Where form meets function; Maliwan presents a lightweight and durable duffel bag for all your needs
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Where form meets function; Maliwan presents a lightweight and durable duffel bag for all your needs.

  • Made of soft Nylon
  • Black and durable straps
  • Custom name tag sewn inside

Developed by Gearbox Software, Borderlands is an open world role-playing shooter that follows a group of Vault Hunters who need to blast their way past bandits and feral wildlife to uncover a rumored alien vault with advanced tech. With a killer art style and over-the-top tone and action, Gearbox Loot for this brand is packed with fun and excitement.

Length, in 23
Height, in 13
Width, in 13
Main strap length, in 28
Handle height, in 13
Handle width , in 1.49


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