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Shoot 'Em Up Duke Tee by GEARBOX LOOT
Better duck! Duke is poppin' off in pop art coloring on this graphic tee. Buy first, ask questions later.
Smilin' Duke Tee by GEARBOX LOOT
As Duke would say, "Damn...I'm looking good". Rock this smilin' Duke Tee and spread the joy.
Opportunity Boderlands Pocket Tee by GEARBOX LOOT
A Borderlands pocket tee featuring the Hyperion city, Opportunity.
From $35.00
Duke Nukem Sunglasses Pocket Tee by GEARBOX LOOT
Always have your shades nearby with this Duke Nukem pocket tee. Featuring an 8-bit icon of Duke's classic sunglasses.
From $31.95
MEAT the Psycho Tee by GEARBOX LOOT
We've got a little present for you. Become another walking meat puppet with this Borderlands MEAT the Psycho Tee!
Miko Baseball Tee by GEARBOX LOOT
Battleborn's combat botanist is up to bat! You can always stay cool headed at the plate when rocking this Miko Baseball Tee.
Ekkunar Snapback by GEARBOX LOOT
Ekkunar, the last large green planet in the universe, now has a snapback.
Maliwan Snapback by GEARBOX LOOT
Maliwan presents our branded caps. If it's not elemental, it's not Maliwan.
All-Over Arsenal Borderlands Raglan Sweater by GEARBOX LOOT
special price expires in
This Borderlands sweater features a collection of stylized pixel-art renditions of the series' many weapons; including guns from Hyperion, Toruge, Maliwan, and others. Raglan sleeve construction, a...
Torgue Duffel by GEARBOX LOOT
Torgue has developed and designed a durable duffel bag for all your needs. Torgue doesn't screw around making lightweight bags; we make them tough. Do it with a Torgue.
Maliwan Duffle by GEARBOX LOOT
Where form meets function; Maliwan presents a lightweight and durable duffel bag for all your needs
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