Gearbox Loot's collection of video game hoodies and jackets include unique designs with varied art styles. Featured hoodies and jackets include apparel from Borderlands, Battleborn, Duke Nukem, Homeworld, and more. 
This Borderlands Butt Stallion holiday sweater features the prettiest pony queen this side of Flamerock Refuge! No one will dare call it an “ugly sweater”! Getting this exclusive Badass Gift Guide ...
It can get cold out in the far reaches of the galaxy. But with this Homeworld Winter Sweater, you can stay warm no matter where you spend the holiday season. Available now for our exclusive Badass ...
A nuclear winter is coming this holiday season, and this Duke Nukem holiday sweater will keep you warm as hell freezes over! Pick it up now from our exclusive Badass Gift Guide collection.
This Borderlands sweater features a collection of stylized pixel-art renditions of the series' many weapons; including guns from Hyperion, Toruge, Maliwan, and others. Raglan sleeve construction, ...
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Hello! These claptraps are here to welcome travelers from all-over. Raglan sleeve construction, and cotton/spandex ribbing.
Dahl Camo Women's Off-Shoulder Pullover by GEARBOX LOOT
Dahl has worked hard to bring you the latest in their lineup: the Dahl Camo Off-Shoulder Pullover. Perfect for staying hidden in battle and stylish at the same time.
Gray Pandoracorn Women's Off-Shoulder Pullover by GEARBOX LOOT
With a dazzling Pandoracorn front in center, this off-shoulder pullover is perfect for any Vault Hunter.
Represent Ekkunar with this Battleborn hoodie.
Ekkunar Sweatshirt by GEARBOX LOOT
Featuring Battleborn's last green planet, Ekkunar. This raglan sweatshirt is a great pick up for any Battleborn fan.
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