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A nuclear winter is coming this holiday season, and this Duke Nukem holiday sweater will keep you warm as hell freezes over! Pick it up now from our exclusive Badass Gift Guide collection.
It can get cold out in the far reaches of the galaxy. But with this Homeworld Winter Sweater, you can stay warm no matter where you spend the holiday season. Available now for our exclusive Badass ...
Starting to get chilly as winter rolls around? Look no further than this Hyperion Black Fleece Blanket. Guaranteed to keep you warmer than the barrel of a Morning Star.
Holidays are time for loved ones, inlcudin' ya main squeeze. Pick up one of Tiny Tina's Main Squeeze Beanies as part of our Badass Gift Guide. Includes a squishy squishy puffball on top!
Wrap up your holiday gifts with our Borderlands wrapping paper! Featuring Vault Hunters and friends as they traipse across the Windshear Wastes, this exclusive gift wrap is part of our Badass Gift ...
Sending a gift to far-off friends or family? Adorned with spaceships and galaxy, this Homeworld wrapping paper is perfect for your more “out-there” gifts this holiday season. Pick it up now as part...
Our All Out of Bubble Gum Neck Tie features classic icons from the Duke Nukem series: the nuke symbol, Duke's hairdo, pistol, sunglasses, cigar and of course, bubblegum. Don't miss out on this excl...
Even Duke Nukem needs a touch-up when he's blasting through alien invaders. Perfect for carrying a travel comb or pair of sunglasses. Pick up a Duke Nukem Toiletries Kit to always be looking as goo...
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