Donate to Direct Relief and get a digital mask as thanks
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Donate to Direct Relief and get a digital mask as thanks

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Donate to Direct Relief and get an awesome digital face mask as a gift. The minimum donation is $5. Please increase the quantity to donate more.

Look, we get it. We know it’s weird that you’re on a merchandise site to make a donation. We think it’s weird, too. But, have you seen our website? This is the only place where folks can easily make donations to Direct Relief. So, if you don’t purchase anything else right now, that’s cool. The important thing is that we help those who are fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

You made it here and, in the words of Andy Dufresne, “If you’ve come this far, maybe you’re willing to come a little further.” What are we asking you to do? Nothing crazy. Donate $5 to help buy protective gear for the doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers fighting to save lives. That money will go directly to Direct Relief. In other words, Gearbox will never see or touch any of those donations—you’re providing direct relief (See what we did there? It’s a play on words, y’all. Gold we tell ya, these jokes are gold.).

As a thank you gift, you’ll immediately get a SHiFT code that provides your Vault Hunter with a digital face mask. Will it help you in the game? Well, it’ll definitely make you look like a badass. And isn’t having confidence the first step in all battles? It also will have the added benefit of making your friends jealous and show that you helped others.

So, while we’re developing new DLC, writing jokes that we hope you find funny, and working to create new missions so that you think Borderlands 3 is the best damn video game you’ve ever played, we just ask you to help others as they fight real, honest-to-God battles that have to be won. 

This downloadable skin requires the base game on PC, Playstation, or Xbox in order to apply.

Borderlands 3 Reusable Cloth Masks

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