Gray Pandoracorn Women's Off-Shoulder Pullover by GEARBOX LOOT
With a dazzling Pandoracorn front in center, this off-shoulder pullover is perfect for any Vault Hunter.
Dahl Camo Women's Off-Shoulder Pullover by GEARBOX LOOT
Dahl has worked hard to bring you the latest in their lineup: the Dahl Camo Off-Shoulder Pullover. Perfect for staying hidden in battle and stylish at the same time.
The Borderlands 2 Vault Hunters come together with a new cyberpunk look. Featuring Maya, Salvadore, Axton, Zer0, Gaige, and Krieg in a stylized mecha-cyborg art style.
Firehawk Tee by GEARBOX LOOT
Lilith is on fire, and you can be too! Hunt down this Firehawk Tee now.
Holidays are time for loved ones, inlcudin' ya main squeeze. Pick up one of Tiny Tina's Main Squeeze Beanies as part of our Badass Gift Guide. Includes a squishy squishy puffball on top!
Gaige Skull Red and Black Scarf by GEARBOX LOOT
What's black, white, and red all over? This awesome Gaige Skull Scarf of course. Pick one up to stay warm this holiday season.
Gaige Skull Gray Slouchy Beanie by GEARBOX LOOT
Ready for some new toys? Knock 'em dead by rocking this Gaige Skull Slouchy Beanie.
It can get cold out in the far reaches of the galaxy. But with this Homeworld Winter Sweater, you can stay warm no matter where you spend the holiday season. Available now for our exclusive Badass ...


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