Duke Nukem has been a classic video game icon for decades. Ranging from t-shirts, hats, and various accessories Gearbox Loot has many gaming apparel and accessories to celebrate our hero Duke.
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Get ready to chew bubblegum and pop ollies with this Duke Nukem "Nukealicious" skate deck! Measuring at 7.75" wide with black classic grip tape on Canadian 7-ply maplewood, you won’t want to miss o...
Duke Nukealicious Tee by GEARBOX LOOT
The new and tasty kickass bubblegum is here. Whether you want to pop some bubbles or pop some alien brains, this Nukealicious T-Shirt is here for you.
Duke Nukem Sunglasses Pocket Tee by GEARBOX LOOT
Always have your shades nearby with this Duke Nukem pocket tee. Featuring an 8-bit icon of Duke's classic sunglasses.
From $31.95
Better duck! Duke is poppin' off in pop art coloring on this graphic tee. Buy first, ask questions later.
Smilin' Duke Tee
As Duke would say, "Damn...I'm looking good". Rock this smilin' Duke Tee and spread the joy.
Even Duke Nukem needs a touch-up when he's blasting through alien invaders. Perfect for carrying a travel comb or pair of sunglasses. Pick up a Duke Nukem Toiletries Kit to always be looking as goo...
Our All Out of Bubble Gum Neck Tie features classic icons from the Duke Nukem series: the nuke symbol, Duke's hairdo, pistol, sunglasses, cigar and of course, bubblegum. Don't miss out on this excl...
A nuclear winter is coming this holiday season, and this Duke Nukem holiday sweater will keep you warm as hell freezes over! Pick it up now from our exclusive Badass Gift Guide collection.
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