Gearbox Loot's has a wide variety of unique hat designs with varied art styles. These range from in-game iconography, custom designs, and in-universe branded hats. Featured brands include hats from Borderlands, Battleborn, Duke Nukem, Homeworld, and more. 
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Borderlands Inked Reversible Bucket Hat by GEARBOX LOOT
On one side, this bucket hat bring the classic Borderland's cel-shaded art style to your wardrobe. Flip it over, and you have a 90's inspired design of Vault symbols and Claptrap units. Pick up t...
Maliwan Snapback by GEARBOX LOOT
Maliwan presents our branded caps. If it's not elemental, it's not Maliwan.
Kharak Snapback by GEARBOX LOOT
Kharak, home of the Hiigarans, is now featured on this premiere Homeworld hat.
Ekkunar Snapback by GEARBOX LOOT
Ekkunar, the last large green planet in the universe, now has a snapback.
Gaige Skull Gray Slouchy Beanie by GEARBOX LOOT
Ready for some new toys? Knock 'em dead by rocking this Gaige Skull Slouchy Beanie.
Zer0 Black and Gray Ombre Slouch Beanie by GEARBOX LOOT
It may not be a hologram, but it's the next best thing! Don't miss out on Zer0 Black and Gray Ombre Slouch Beanie.
Vladof Red and Black Beanie by GEARBOX LOOT
If you're looking for winter apparel, now is the time to strike! Pick up this Vladof Red and Black Beanie today.
Holidays are time for loved ones, inlcudin' ya main squeeze. Pick up one of Tiny Tina's Main Squeeze Beanies as part of our Badass Gift Guide. Includes a squishy squishy puffball on top!
You wanna hear about LOOT?! Mr. Torgue knows how much you like loot, so he’s created a special bundle for our Holiday Gift Guide. This Borderlands Torgue Scarf and Beanie combo bundle is sure keep ...
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